Couple's Therapy

woman's hand on man's shoulder

Couples come to therapy for many reasons but there are even more ways, that couples can get help from therapy.

Some of them could be: a new born baby or infertility, a move, relationship with parents, divorce, co-parenting relationship after divorce, equal sharing of house labor, common decision making, supporting a partner that is grieving or suffering physical or emotional struggles, common goal setting, family planning and of course emotional distance, intimacy issues, sexual issues, infidelity, regular fighting, conflict resolution.

Following the guidelines of the therapeutic perspective of individual therapy, in couple's therapy partners discover their own self and their partner's different aspects. This means that they are creating a safe space for both to unravel and process hidden emotions and thoughts with acceptance. Partners are clarifying their responsibility by separating the reasons they get triggered, work on the attachment model that they bring in the relationship. They are able to specify the roles and the dynamics that emerge through their personalities and personal stories in the relationship. They learn ways to resolve conflict, express their emotions and create between them the space for these to be accepted and nurtured.

It is not simple, it only might need a few sessions to work on some key points or it might take a while until things start to get resolved.